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Sharpen Your Needle With These Tips and Tricks!

July 1, 2022


We heard you, and we’re back with more sewing tips for you to gobble up like turkey on Thanksgiving! 


And in case you’re hungry for more learning, check out our latest sewing classes {hyperlink to classes} to take your artisanal skills to the next level! 


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 Don’t Let Your Thimble Slip -  Save Your Thumb With These Sewing Tips!

May 16, 2022


We know sewing is life. That’s why we run a business centered on sewing, after all! 


So, in the interest of giving new and old avid sewers like you some hot tips to keep your thimbles on your thumbs, we’ve compiled 3 quickies for you to dive into.


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The cure for sewing stress is here
August 1, 2022

Have you heard the latest gossip about the man whose wife broke her sewing machine?

It caused quite a lot of trouble in their home…

Because now she *seamed* a little stressed. 

*drum hit*

Okay, maybe sewing related comedy isn’t necessarily our area of expertise. 

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