Dont Let Your Thimble Slip - Save Your Thumb With These Sewing Tips!
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Don’t Let Your Thimble Slip -  Save Your Thumb With These Sewing Tips!

May 16, 2022


We know sewing is life. That’s why we run a business centered on sewing, after all! 


So, in the interest of giving new and old avid sewers like you some hot tips to keep your thimbles on your thumbs, we’ve compiled 3 quickies for you to dive into. 


Number 1: Join a community! 


Now, we may be biased, but we think we’ve got the best community around here at NorCal Sewing and Vacuum! Joining a community means you get to share patterns and gossip with people who have the same sew-eet interest as you. 


Number 2: Pre-wash everything


And we do mean everything. You wouldn’t slip on a pair of undies fresh from the store, right? Or at least… I hope you wouldn’t. But aside from the hygienics of it all, pre-washing your fabrics helps you avoid shrinkage and warped seams. You don’t want a nasty surprise after your first wear, do you? 


Number 3: Practice makes perfect… or something close! 


Here at Norcal, we know there’s no such thing as “perfect.” But we like to think we know what it’s like to get pretty darn close! Enough boasting, though. Let’s be serious. If you want to become a master seamstress or seamster, you need to practice your stitches until you know them up, down, around, and sideways. Don’t worry, though! We have classes for that! 


Join one of our upcoming sewing classes to become a true master at the art of needlework, and watch your skills soar. With classes for seam makers of all levels, we know you’ll find something perfect. 


We can’t wait to see you there. 


Tata for now, 

Lake Loveland Sewing Co