Sharpen Your Needle With These Tips and Tricks!
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 Sharpen Your Needle With These Tips and Tricks!
 July 1, 2022

We heard you, and we’re back with more sewing tips for you to gobble up like turkey on Thanksgiving! 


And in case you’re hungry for more learning, check out our latest sewing classes {hyperlink to classes} to take your artisanal skills to the next level! 


Number 1: Stretches Have Direction - Fabric Stretches, That Is! 


That’s right, folks, just like we’re supposed to have when we’re walking, all fabric has a direction! 


Wait… you walk aimlessly? 


Well, your fabric sure doesn’t! Pay close attention to the grain line as you cut your fabrics. Cutting in the wrong direction can lead to tight patterns and close that don’t fit. 


Number 2: It’s A Modern World - Take Advantage


Seriously. There are so many online classes, but it’s not just that. The days of heading to the craft store and searching for a new pattern are over thanks to instant downloadable PDFs. Just search up what you want, pay a few bucks, and boom! It’s in your printer and on your sewing table in no time. 


Number 3: Make Your Pin Cushion Do Double Duty


Say goodbye to dull needles with this newest trick. Skip the fluffy stuffing, and put some steel wool into your pin cushions. Every time you stick a needle or pin in, it’ll get a bit sharper (just like we wish we could be!) Now when you go to push your needle through the fabric, it’ll glide right through, like butter onto bread. 


We hope these tips and tricks were helpful. And if you’re already sad this newsletter’s over, don’t worry! Take your learning to the next level with the latest classes available. 


We love that you’re just as crazy about sewing as we are, and can’t wait to see your face in our classes! 


Tata for now,

Lake Loveland Sewing Co.